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A new version (v 0.2) of pyRacerz is available...
- play pyRacerz with smaller resolution (--resolution option)
- display of the FPS
- usage of psyCo (if available)
- debug of some car movements
- add one track (wave)
- scrolling on HiScores menu
- display of player names at race start
- do not display scores for a Single Race
- miscellaneous debug
- challenge game (with a bonus track which have a special feature !!!)
- redraw of some tracks
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A new version (v 0.11) of pyRacerz is available... (correcting a little bug with some old version of pyGame)
Err... in fact it changes nothing. Keep downloading the v 0.1.
If you have an error like:
File "modules/car.py", line 78, in __init__
carRotShade = carRot.copy()
AttributeError: copy

You should upgrade your pyGame version to a version > 1.6.2
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The first version of pyRacerz (v 0.1) is available...
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